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The Big Walk is always grateful for donations and sponsorship from generous local businesses that care about the less fortunate, and take an interest in helping us with the Big Walk administration and donations. Jaguar Products recently came on board and we are most appreciative of their generous contributions. Jaguar are an innovative fibreglass products manufacturing company that have created innovative new tanks for saving rainwater. Cape Town’s winter and rainy season is nearly over. The cold fronts are starting to shift and pass over, only giving us a few more light showers that won’t have a significant impact on the water in our dams. Cape Town residents now have to deal with level 5 water restrictions. Warmer weather is nice, but we might have to prepare for a long hot and dry summer.

The overall limit that the city is trying to get to is still 500 million litres per day.  Also the individual target remains 87 litres per person in a day. The main difference for level 5 restrictions is that, excessive homeowners who use above the recommended levels will be find themselves with very steep fines. Homeowners exceeding the limit could have to fork out anything from R5000. So everybody is encouraged to follow and use all ideas that help to reduce water consumption. People who still ignore the request to lower their water usage can also find themselves being forced to do so. A water management device can be installed in households that aren’t meeting the target restrictions.  We are hoping that the water restrictions are not going to have an effect on our ability to keep our participants hydrated by offering water and refreshments at our various water points. The Big Walk is a charitable organization that concentrates on raising funds to support the underprivileged.


The commercial industry is also affected with additional restrictions that are required to be implemented immediately. The Industrial and business sector water users should also follow some water saving tips. Things like installing water saving devices, and ensuring staff members are aware of the issues and develop water saving habits. Implement water saving policies and procedures within the company.

Here are some company ideas:

  • Think about doing a Water Audit: If you are really serious about reducing your water usage it is a good idea to get a professional opinion on where you can save the most.
  • Install water efficient taps, such as automatic taps
  • Make use of waterless urinals
  • Certain water efficient equipment can be purchased in the commercial sector.
  • If your business has a large lawn area, consider getting water wise plants or think of an alternative to a green lawn area.
  • Regularly check for any leaks on the premises.
  • Get your employees involved, educated and motivated to save water.

Commercial properties like malls can also do their bit to save water. I was doing some shopping in a centre the other day and needed to wash my hands. Instead of soap and then washing your hands under running water, they offered an automatic dispenser that provided no water hand wash gel. A small change, but this could have a larger impact over time.

The City of Cape Town, to try and lessen the amount of water used, has lowered the water pressure. This has also contributed to the reduction of water usage over the past months. They might decide to implement this tactic a little more in the coming months. This could affect higher lying premises and multi-level buildings. These areas should have contingency plans in place if the water supply is interrupted for short periods. Jaguar Products and their range of tanks for harvesting rainwater in Cape Town have made a considerable dent in the water saving efforts by residents of Cape Town.

A few more level 5 restrictions:

  • Please do not use a hosepipe to wash off any kind of paving.
  • Do not use the municipal drinking water to water the garden.
  • Washing your car with municipal water is a no go zone. You can go the waterless cleaning way or use non-drinking water.
  • Pools are low down on the list of important; don’t fill up your pool with municipal water. Don’t even think of using a portable play pool, not allowed.
  • Those pretty water features should not be using any municipal water

Being water wise and following the water saving ideas should become a way of life. We need water to survive so conserving it should be something we take very seriously. By taking action and conserving our water we save our environment and ensure our survival.

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Nicola Bentworth