Cape Town Big Walk

Become a Sponsor Sponsorship provides companies the opportunity to:

  • Reinforce brand image with the loyal sports-minded public
  • Increase image awareness and name visibility for services and products
  • Generate goodwill throughout City of Cape Town and the greater running/walking community

There are three tiers of sponsorship for the Big Walk: Principal

  • Inclusion in advertising and publicity campaign
  • Extensive branding opportunities
  • Entitlement to naming rights of the event
  • Signage along the route on race day
  • Advertising and promotion rights
  • VIP hospitality
  • Ability to use the Big Walk logo for marketing needs
  • Customized on-site marketing or sampling program
  • Exhibition space at the expo


  • Entitlement to a special “signature” event
  • Branding opportunities
  • Select advertising and promotion with the event
  • Signage along the route on race day
  • VIP hospitality
  • Ability to use the Big Walk logo for marketing needs
  • Customized on-site marketing or sampling program
  • Exhibition space at the expo
  • Category exclusivity


  • Ability to use the Big Walk logo for marketing needs
  • Customized on-site marketing or sampling program

All sponsorships are customized based upon sponsor objectives. If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Big Walk contact us for more information.

The Course :

When? 10:00am
Where? UCT Rugby Fields, Rondebosch
The walk starts at UCT and makes its way down the Main Road to the Finish carnival area of St. Georges Grammar School
Profile: Flat

CUT-OFF TIME:12h30 @ Finish line St George’s Grammar School

The 10Km

When? 08:00am
Where? Grand Parade, Cape Town City
The 10km route makes its way through the Cape Town City and the Company Gardens. Walkers can enjoy a scenic walk of attractions that Cape Town has to offer. The route passes Parliament into Roeland, towards Keizergracht into the Main rd and to the finish.
Profile: Flat

CUT-OFF TIME:12h00 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 11km

When? 07:30
Where? NY149 Sports Fields, Gugulethhu
The 11km route starts at Bonga Primary School, makes its way into Ny1 Road takes a left into Klipfontein Road. The route continues straight down Klipfontein Road into the finish area.
Profile: Flat

CUT-OFF TIME:16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 15km

When? 06:30
Where? Sea Point
The 15km starts at Sea Point (next to swimming pool parking lot) and meanders via the promenade, past the lighthouse through the Green Point Urban Park and follows the Fan Walk, then onto Main Road and down to the finish area.
Profile: Flat

CUT-OFF TIME:16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 13Km

When? 07:30am
Where? Cnr Main Rd and Zwaans Rd, Retreat
The 13km route starts in Retreat and makes its way north up the Main Road towards Mowbray, then takes a right turn and makes its way onto the N2 before turning left onto Liesbeek Parkway and to the finish area.
Profile: flat

CUT-OFF TIME:12h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 20km

When? Milnerton (Opp) Woodbridge Island

Walkers continue all the way down Otto Du Plessis along the Bicycle lane towards Paarden Eiland ,At car sales (Steven Johnson Motors) turn left and right into the service road adjacent to Marine Drive.Continue on service road until intersection of Paarden Eiland road and Turn left onto the BRT lane towards Oswald Pirow .Continue on Oswald Pirow towards Keizergracht , Left into Searle St, ( Underpass N2), Right into Upper Warwick St, Left into Woodlands Rd, to Sir Lowry Rd. Left and along Sir Lowry-Victoria- Main Rd to N2 ,Down N2 on ramp and into the finish area.

Profile: Flat

CUT-OFF TIME: 16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 25km

WHEN? 8:30am
WHERE? Fish Hoek Beach
This route that has proved to be very popular. The course starts in Fish Hoek and follows a picturesque seafront trail to Rhodes High School via Main Road, Lower Main and Station Road. The 25km distance also forms part of the timed routes, so you can pace yourself or test your skills against friends. Other timed routes include the 30km, 50km and 80km.
PROFILE: Undulating with an uphill final sector

CUT-OFF TIME: 13h00 @ Muizenberg, 16h00 @ 16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 30km

WHEN? 9:00am
WHERE? Long beach, Simon’s Town
If you want the spray of the ocean on your face and the smell of the sea in the air then you need to look no further than the 30km route, which sets off from Long Beach Simon’s Town. The course moves through Glencairn, Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, Muizenberg and Kirstenhof, meeting up with the 15km route along Main Road to also finish at Rhodes High School.
PROFILE: Undulating with an uphill final sector

CUT-OFF TIME:13h00 @ Muizenberg, 16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 50km

WHEN? 6:15am
WHERE? Fish Hoek Beach
This route is for serious walkers only. It winds its way from Fish Hoek Beach opposite the restaurant, along the Main Road past Glencairn Heights down the Peninsula through Simon’s Town where it turns around on Main Road near to Millers Point, to back track all the way to the finish at Rhodes High School again on the Main Road.
PROFILE: Undulating with a tough mid sector

CUT-OFF TIME:13h00 @ Muizenberg, 16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School

The 80km

WHEN? 3:45am
WHERE? Rhodes High School, Mowbray
The 80km is recommended for dedicated and trained walkers only and sets off with the sparrows. This grueling route winds its way down the Peninsula past Simon’s Town to a turnaround point near Millers Point, then makes its way back to the Rhodes High School for a much-deserved finish.
PROFILE: Undulating with tough mid sector

CUT-OFF TIME:13h00 @ Muizenberg, 16h30 @ St George’s Grammar School


All the routes have regular refreshment stations offering ice-cold Coca Cola, Powerade and water to help keep your stamina up. Medi-Clinic will provide First Aid along the route.

Sponsored Big Walk Accommodation for those from out of Town

The Big Walk is an historical, long standing event in Cape Town in the interests of fundraising for charity. The Big walk attracts entrants not only from Cape Town, but also from other provinces in South Africa including Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng. For many this is an opportunity to take some time off work and take the family on a holiday to Cape Town – killing two birds with one stone ! Ashanti Lodge is one of the most established and top quality backpackers Cape Town. The lodge provides safe and quality accommodation for the whole family. Holidays and traveling without kids mean, pack your bags and let’s go. It’s a whole other story when it comes to family trips. Taking the kids on holiday means a lot more planning is needed to enjoy your vacation experience. This is especially true if you are venturing out for the first time with your new baby. Going to the store alone is like taking a weekend worth of luggage with you.  A little bit of thought has to go into this.

I think the first part of the plan should involve location. Where do you want to go on holiday? I’m sure most of the time the idea is not to travel too far, this is because we would like to avoid the kids saying the popular phrase of, ‘are we there yet.’  The second item on the list should be to make sure the accommodation you have booked is child-friendly. Are there activities and things to do for the little ones? Even if you go camping you need to make sure the basic amenities are available. The packing and preparing for departure can now commence.

So let’s have a look at some the child-friendly travel and accommodation options available.

Wavecrest Beach Hotel and Spa

Wavecrest is a wonderful destination for the whole family with a selection of exciting activities for the kids. The Hotel is located in the Eastern Cape on the Wild Coast. Overlooking the Nxaxo River and ocean, your view from the hotel will provide you with beautiful sunset views.

There is plenty to do with the kids:

  • The beaches are safe to enjoy. Relax and read a book while the kids build sand castles.
  • The kids will love swimming.
  • Boat cruises, always an enjoyable experience.
  • Walks and trails, both for the novice and experienced hiker.


Wyndford Holiday Farm, Fouriesburg

The Wynford Holiday farm is an affordable and great family destination. Located in the Eastern Free State and nestled in the Rooberge mountains, this Farm offers fun and excitement in summer and winter seasons. This is a real family getaway, providing a caring atmosphere and plenty of entertainment.

  • The kids will enjoy tubing down the Caledon River, that is located only a few Kilometres from the farm.
  • There is a Swimming pool, always a winner with the kids.
  • Horse Riding and walking trails
  • Pet the farm animals
  • Zip lining adventures and tree houses the kids can play in
  • Build snowmen in winter


However if you do want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the city, centrally positioned and not far from the starting point of the Big Walk, Ashanti Lodge has come on board and offered discounted rates for entrants at their backpackers in Cape Town.

Old Mac Daddy, Elgin

Old mac Daddy sounds like the best place to visit if you are a kid or an adult. The whole experience seems to be a little different than normal, fun, quirky, adventurous and one of a kind. They offer uniquely decorated and themed trailer units. This is a new way to experience your living space while on holiday. Meals are provided in a spacious barn environment where everybody can relax and enjoy their food. They also offer glamping style tents as well as larger self-catering units for larger groups and families.

There is plenty of adventure to be had at Old Mac Daddy’s:

  • Mountain Bike riding, don’t worry you can rent a bike.
  • Paddle boarding and kayaking
  • Tractor Rides
  • Fishing
  • An Indoor and outdoor playground for the kids


Beaverlac Resort, Porterville

A natural Heritage site found up on the Olifants River Mountains, above the town of Porterville. Beaverlac is a great place for the whole family including your dog. The site offers a very affordable option with camping sites as well as cabins/cottages. The experience is back to nature, relaxed and quiet. The only real disadvantage is, there is no electricity, but that is a good thing. How else can you view the spectacular night sky, like you’ve never seen it before!

  • Swimming in the rock pools. There are many of these along the different trails some including beautiful waterfalls.
  • Fishing
  • Hiking and walking trails


Sponsorship for the Big Walk

The Big Walk is always grateful for donations and sponsorship from generous local businesses that care about the less fortunate, and take an interest in helping us with the Big Walk administration and donations. Jaguar Products recently came on board and we are most appreciative of their generous contributions. Jaguar are an innovative fibreglass products manufacturing company that have created innovative new tanks for saving rainwater. Cape Town’s winter and rainy season is nearly over. The cold fronts are starting to shift and pass over, only giving us a few more light showers that won’t have a significant impact on the water in our dams. Cape Town residents now have to deal with level 5 water restrictions. Warmer weather is nice, but we might have to prepare for a long hot and dry summer.

The overall limit that the city is trying to get to is still 500 million litres per day.  Also the individual target remains 87 litres per person in a day. The main difference for level 5 restrictions is that, excessive homeowners who use above the recommended levels will be find themselves with very steep fines. Homeowners exceeding the limit could have to fork out anything from R5000. So everybody is encouraged to follow and use all ideas that help to reduce water consumption. People who still ignore the request to lower their water usage can also find themselves being forced to do so. A water management device can be installed in households that aren’t meeting the target restrictions.  We are hoping that the water restrictions are not going to have an effect on our ability to keep our participants hydrated by offering water and refreshments at our various water points. The Big Walk is a charitable organization that concentrates on raising funds to support the underprivileged.


The commercial industry is also affected with additional restrictions that are required to be implemented immediately. The Industrial and business sector water users should also follow some water saving tips. Things like installing water saving devices, and ensuring staff members are aware of the issues and develop water saving habits. Implement water saving policies and procedures within the company.

Here are some company ideas:

  • Think about doing a Water Audit: If you are really serious about reducing your water usage it is a good idea to get a professional opinion on where you can save the most.
  • Install water efficient taps, such as automatic taps
  • Make use of waterless urinals
  • Certain water efficient equipment can be purchased in the commercial sector.
  • If your business has a large lawn area, consider getting water wise plants or think of an alternative to a green lawn area.
  • Regularly check for any leaks on the premises.
  • Get your employees involved, educated and motivated to save water.

Commercial properties like malls can also do their bit to save water. I was doing some shopping in a centre the other day and needed to wash my hands. Instead of soap and then washing your hands under running water, they offered an automatic dispenser that provided no water hand wash gel. A small change, but this could have a larger impact over time.

The City of Cape Town, to try and lessen the amount of water used, has lowered the water pressure. This has also contributed to the reduction of water usage over the past months. They might decide to implement this tactic a little more in the coming months. This could affect higher lying premises and multi-level buildings. These areas should have contingency plans in place if the water supply is interrupted for short periods. Jaguar Products and their range of tanks for harvesting rainwater in Cape Town have made a considerable dent in the water saving efforts by residents of Cape Town.

A few more level 5 restrictions:

  • Please do not use a hosepipe to wash off any kind of paving.
  • Do not use the municipal drinking water to water the garden.
  • Washing your car with municipal water is a no go zone. You can go the waterless cleaning way or use non-drinking water.
  • Pools are low down on the list of important; don’t fill up your pool with municipal water. Don’t even think of using a portable play pool, not allowed.
  • Those pretty water features should not be using any municipal water

Being water wise and following the water saving ideas should become a way of life. We need water to survive so conserving it should be something we take very seriously. By taking action and conserving our water we save our environment and ensure our survival.